Patient pathway

Support Group Network

We believe in supporting our patients through their entire weight-loss journey and offer a free virtual support group meeting on Zoom once every month. The meeting is moderated by our consultant dietician and also offers various guest speakers and experts throughout the year. You can get more information (including dates) on it through the Facebook Weight-loss Surgery Group.  

Please join our highly recommended Facebook Weight-loss Surgery Group on:   

This is a PRIVATE Facebook patient-led group which provide support for those who are either considering, waiting or who have had bariatric surgery with Mr Agrawal.  

Consultation & Next Steps

The initial cost of the face-to-face (preferred) consultation is £200 for assessment with the Lead surgeon. You can have this consult in any clinic based on your convenience and undergo surgery in another hospital of your choice. Alternatively, we also offer virtual (telephone) consultation to have an On-line Consultation with our Lead surgeon at a reduced consultation fee of £75. At this assessment, you will be assessed towards surgery. At the same time, you can ask any questions you may have about surgery. You will also be evaluated for the need of psychology review – if required, this is not included within the package.  

If you decide to go ahead with surgery, we will arrange a virtual appointment with our consultant dietician (this is included within the package) and give you availabilities of dates for your surgery. We are presently booking patients in the next month for surgeries (please note that we do not give dates for surgery without assessment by the surgeon first).  

Subsequent to the dietary review, you will be asked to see the surgeon once more for face-to-face consent appointment prior to surgery (£100 consult fee).  

Following surgery, all the follow up appointments with the surgeon and dietician are included within the duration of the package.  

Contact Us:

We would love to welcome you in for a consultation with our Lead surgeon, Mr Sanjay Agrawal - please do not hesitate to contact us or on telephone 07876 618424 for booking an appointment (or for any other questions or queries).