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Mr Sanjay Agrawal is a Consultant Surgeon specialising in Bariatric (Obesity / Weight-Loss), Laparoscopic (Key-hole) and upper Gastrointestinal Surgery at Homerton University Hospital in London and in different private hospitals in London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

Mr Agrawal is designated as ‘Master Surgeon in Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery™ (MSMBS™)’ by Surgical Review Corporation of USA. He has the honour of being the first and only Weight-loss/Obesity Surgeon in the UK to achieve this certification since 2012.

Mr Agrawal has been awarded ‘Certificate of Medical Excellence’ and Membership of Top Doctors® UK by invitation.

Mr Agrawal has had extensive training in UK, Belgium, Japan & India and has an experience of over 1250 laparoscopic bariatric procedures to date. In addition, he has undertaken more than 2000 general surgical procedures so far.

As Editor-in-Chief, Mr Agrawal has edited a comprehensive book titled ‘Obesity, Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery: A Practical Guide’ published in 2015. The book has now achieved over 192,000 individual chapter downloads electronically worldwide.

Mr Agrawal is Director of London InternationalBariatric Surgery Symposium (LIBSS)

First in the UK
(Since 2012)

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Gastric Sleeve

Carried out under a general anaesthetic, the stomach size is greatly reduced by stapling the stomach to create a ‘sleeve’. This allows the patient to only eat small meals before feeling full.

Gastric Band

During gastric band surgery, the size of the stomach is reduced by the placement of a hollow ring around the upper part of the stomach. This limits the amount of food for you to consume and tricks the brain into thinking you are full.

Gastric Bypass

The size of the stomach is restricted so you can only eat small meals, but during the procedure we will also bypass part of your digestive system so less food is absorbed by your body.

What our clients say

Maria - Gastric Sleeve

“Since having the operation I can now go into any shop and buy the clothes I love, rather than the clothes that just fit my size. I could never have imagined buying a size 10 before. The operation has not effected my social life in any way. I may order the kind of food I had before, but I do not eat as much.”


Cristin Casey - Gastric Bypass

"Mr. Agrawal was an absolutely fantastic surgeon, he was very supportive throughout the whole entire process."


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Channel 4 (UK TV)
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